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The  Process Oriented Psychology Institute (POPI) was founded in 1995. It is a instituton, that organizes and coordinates the education in processoriented psychotherapy, counseling and facilitation (in short processwork) in Slovakia and Czech republic.


POPI Slovakia is part of the accredited training institutes of the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society.


Goals of POPI Slovakia:


1. Support and development of processoriented thinking, psychosocial counseling, facilitation and psychotherapy, particularly by: 


- organizing or help by the organization of training and educational programs, workshops, weekend seminars, profesional meetings/ conferences and open forums.


- providing consultations, supervisions, research, publishing of books/ manuscripts and by other appropriate means.


2. Partnership with similarly oriented home and foreign organizations, institutions applying this approach in practice and with other persons and organizations, which deal with similar proffesional themes and activities.

3. Recommnedation and support of individuals and institutions for professional services, education, facilitation, training and supervision in processwork and research.


The actitivies of POPI-Slovakia are especially directed to  psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers and others, who want to learn and broaden this methods and  principles for professional and personal reasons.


The long term goal of POPI is to become from the international perspective an independent training center and equal partner for other processwork training centers. Currently  POPI closely cooperates with the Research Society for Processoriented psychology in UK.


Up to now POPI organized tenths of public seminars and one 3 year training in process work. Momentary is POPI organizing usually 4 public seminars per year and preparing an diploma training program in Slovakia.





-POPI-Slovakia has after the General Assembly (7.march 2009) a new Directory new


POPI-Slovakia has since 2.1.2007 a new post address. (2.1.2007)






The activities of POPI-Slovensko manages the directory (executive board) elected by the general assembly for a period of usually three years. The directory in this format works from march 2009.


The directory has two sections:


Organizational part:


Andrej Jeleník, Piešťany, tel.: +421 907/460 058,

e-mail: andrej.jelenik(at)gmail.com (Director of POPI-S)


Veronika Pobehová, mobil: +421 908/ 512 470, Bratislava, povver293 (at) gmail.com



Experts part:


Jana Sarah Kašáková, Piešťany, tel.:+421 905/382 194,
el-kontakt: sarah.kasak (at) gmail.com


Sylvia Ondrisová, PhD, Bratislava, tel.: +421 907/785447
e-mail: ondrisova (at) oad.sk


Boris Sopko, Bratislava, tel.:+421 903/531431,
e-mail: boris.sopko (at) gmail.com


Mgr. Brigita Trimajová, Bratislava, el-kontakt: btrimaj (at) hotmail. com, tel.:

+ 421 917 559 820


Mgr. Slávka Takáčová, Bratislava , slavka.takacova (at) gmail.com







You can help POPI for instatnce:

Finantially - finantial support helps very much with the organization of seminars, books and materials publishing and translation, preparation of training programs, projects and other activities. 


Account: name: POPI-Slovensko, finantial institution: Slovenská sporiteľňa, Bratislava, Krížna 23, account number: 4016795416/7500 IBAN: SK24 7500 0000 0040 1679 5416, SWIFT: CEKOSKBX

Materially - for instance offer books and manuscripts to the library


We thank very much for all contributions, which will be used  for enhancement of the quality of education of POP in this region and securing its further development.


For any informations you can contact the members of the directory.




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