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Diploma training in process-oriented psychology

first cohort from october 2012 in Slovakia


Garants of the training will be international teachers (Clare Hill, Conor McKenna, Charleen Agostini, Ivan Verny, Marianne Verny, Mark O´Conell) with a vider team of teachers/ POP diplomates.


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26-28.5.2017 Relationship adventures - Ivan a Marianne Verny, in Bratislava or surrounding





Worldwork 2020 in Canada



Vancouver, Canada

Worldwork is an experiential training seminar in conflict work and community building. The seminar provides a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to come together in a powerful forum for focusing on and working with social, environmental, and political issues using group process skills. Between two and three hundred people from over thirty countries participate in these 6 day gatherings. The large staff team facilitates a diversity of learning experiences that include large group focus and interaction, small group meetings, one-to-one sessions and networking groups.


See more at www.worldwork.org

Worldwork 2020





Payment details:


Registration more than 4 weeks before the seminar : bargain price

Registration less than 4 weeks before the seminar: normal price


Check always the information flyer of the event/seminar.


Account name: Institut Procesorientovanej Psychologie

Account number: 4016795416

Sort code: 7500
Bank name: ČSOB

IBAN: SK24 7500 0000 0040 1679 5416



We are aware that the money transfer across countries is still expensive and a bit difficult, therefore participants from abroad can exceptionaly pay for the seminar directly on the spot, if there is not another possibility (through a friend in Slovakia etc.) The price for the seminar depends also on the time of the registration.


Usually the teachers speak in english language with slovak translation and there are always some participants who speak english.  We can try to arrange a translator for you, if it is needed, but we cannot guarantee that. Therefore always talk before the event with the organizers about the language possiblities.









Grundtvig The succesfull Gruntvig Learning Partnership program 209-2011 supported adult education projects in thearea of diversity education and training. The project was a partnership between POPI-Slovakia (www.processwork.sk), RSPOPUK (www.rspopuk.com), Instytut Psychologii Procesu (Poland, www.processwork.pl) and Process Oriented Psychology Ireland (Írsko; www.popireland.org) from 2009-2011. As part of "Learning at the Gates of Diversity", POPI-Slovakia offered various events- training and experiential workshops and open forums.


A major aspect of the Partnership was the learning that comes from travelling to experience other cultures and the building of community with Slovakian, Polish and U.K. Process Workers.


We will also meet together to contribute to the discussion between Process Workers on the development of international training standards.


We created a website with an overview of the project http://gatesofdiversity.webnode.sk/



POPI-Slovakia was partner in  project Univerzum financed by the European social fund realized from  1. august 2005 until 31. july 2007. Its aim was to improve the qualification and adaptability of secondary education teachers, lectors of advanced education (educational counselors, coordinators of primary prevention), graduates of the pedadogic faculty of the univerzity UKF Nitra and stafs of counseling centers in the west Slovakia region.


Further informations at: http://www.esfporadna.sk/





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